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Youth Training in Morocco Arable

Successful Implementation of EnAble Youth Training in Morocco

The ARABLE project, aimed at empowering disabled youth with entrepreneurship skills in sustainable agriculture, reached a significant milestone with its “EnABLE Youth” training event in Fes, Morocco. Hosted by partner organization EURO-MED EVE MOROC from May 12th to 15th, 2024, this event brought together 30 youth workers from the 10 member organizations of the ARABLE consortium.

A New Chapter in Agricultural Entrepreneurship

Over four days, the training convened 30 enthusiastic youth workers from the consortium’s 10 member organizations, united by a common goal: to harness the potential of ARABLE tools for inclusive agricultural entrepreneurship.

The primary goal of the “EnABLE Youth” training was multifaceted, aiming to equip a diverse cohort of youth professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to harness ARABLE tools effectively. Beyond merely imparting technical proficiency, the initiative aspired to instill a deep sense of inclusivity in agricultural entrepreneurship. By nurturing a cadre of empowered and informed young leaders, the training aimed to catalyze a transformative ripple effect, driving sustainable and inclusive agricultural practices at the grassroots level within their communities. 

Promoting Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Promoting entrepreneurship among individuals with disabilities necessitates a comprehensive strategy that tackles various obstacles, offers assistance, and cultivates an inclusive environment. This approach involves not only removing physical and systemic barriers but also providing the necessary support systems to enable aspiring entrepreneurs to thrive. By empowering individuals with  disabilities to engage in entrepreneurial endeavors, society stands to gain from their unique viewpoints, talents, and economic contributions.

Key Features of Support: 


  • Opportunities for funding, networking, mentoring, and training 

  • Attention to the particular difficulties that disabled entrepreneurs encounter 

  • Accessibility and accommodations for full participation

In addition to the intensive training sessions, the “EnABLE Youth” program also offered participants a rich cultural experience. The schedule was thoughtfully designed with flexibility, ensuring that participants had ample time to explore the vibrant city of Fes and forge connections with their peers. As part of the cultural immersion, the host organization seamlessly organized an excursion to visit the city’s most renowned landmarks, enriching participants’ understanding of Moroccan heritage and history.

A highlight of the cultural visit was the traditional lunch held in a charming restaurant nestled within the bustling medina of the city center. Against the backdrop of lively conversations and savory local cuisine, participants shared memorable moments, deepening their bonds and fostering a sense of camaraderie that transcended cultural boundaries. This relaxed and enjoyable setting not only provided a well-deserved break from the rigorous training but also served as a catalyst for meaningful connections and lasting friendships among the participants.

Looking back, the “EnABLE Youth” training program has been a resounding success, showcasing the transformative power of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, with 80% rating their engagement in discussions as excellent or very good, underscores the effectiveness of our approach in fostering meaningful exchanges and deepening understanding. With 45% rating the training as excellent and another 35% as very good, it’s evident that our holistic approach resonated deeply with our diverse audience. As we move forward, let’s carry the lessons learned and the connections forged, continuing to inspire positive change and foster inclusive, sustainable agricultural practices within our communities and beyond .

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