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We are changing our “Membership Process”,

At the moment the 2023 Membership is still “CLOSED”, till April. Contact us.

The new Membership procedure 2023.

  1.  Attending “EuromedEVE Annual Seminar” that will be held 28-29 and 30 APRIL 2023.Regsiter here

  2. At the end of our EuromedEVE Annual Seminar, there will be a personal interview for each Applicant.

  3. After the interview, the selected applicants will receive from the executive board, an email, containing the rest of the membership procedure, withes is:

  4. Complete the Online Membership Application.

  5. Approve and sign the internal regulations of the association.

  6. Pay the membership fee by bank transfer and scan the receipt.

  7. Send the receipt by email.

  8. EuromedEVE member at this stage you officially become a Member of the Euromed Eve Association, and you will receive your Membership Card either on our office or by post.​


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