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We are changing our “Membership Process”,

At the moment the 2024 Membership is still “CLOSED”, till April. Contact us.

The new Membership procedure 2024.

  1.  Attending “EuromedEVE Annual Seminar” that will be held 03-04-05 May 2024.Secure Your Ticket 


Becoming a member of Euromedeve NGO involves a tiered system, with the first category being the OG Role, which holds a special significance within the organization. Additionally, whitelisted members also hold a special membership status. 

The basic role within Euromedeve is that of a member, and attending the annual seminar automatically grants one membership in Euromedeve. This system ensures that members are categorized based on their level of involvement and contribution within the organization, with OG Role members and whitelisted members holding distinct and valued positions.

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