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Planet depends on us

Ref:  ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-CB Project 101052040 — ET


“The main objective of the project "EcoTournament -Planet depends on us" is to strengthen competences of youth workers and young people in the field of environment and climate change through a quality training and online tools which improves youth workers professional development and improve science, digital, citizenship and entrepreneurship competences among young people and to raise awareness on the need to protect the environment in European Union and South Mediterranean region. The taget groups of the project are youth workers and young people, including people with fewer oportiunities. The project will involve at least 200 people in transnational and local activities. The project will last 24 months and consist of several main actions: kick-off meeting, seminar and study visit, creating the online platform with EcoTournament and deliverables relevant to the designed competition, 2 youth exchanges, transnational training course for youth workers and local trainings, dissemination activities and final conference. The project will produce several outputs such as videos, online platform, publications, reports and documents. The most important are: an online platform with EcoTournament and additional educational materials for youth and youth workers. Project will be implemented by 6 partners coming from NGO and businnes sector form Italy, Jordan, Morroco, Poland and Tunisia. Non-formal education is the tool used by ET project to contribute to training, development of virtual non-formal education tools and to promote sustainable development, environment issues, fighting with climate change, the ideas of social inclusion, respect for diversity and non-discrimination.


​Objectives of the Project


Our main objective is to strengthen competences of youth workers and young people in the field of environment and climate change through a quality training and online tools which improves youth workers professional development and improve science, digital, citizenship and entrepreneurship competences among young people and to raise awareness on the need to protect the environment in European Union and South Mediterranean region.

The specific goals of the ET project are:

  • To establish an innovative way of learning and increasing competences, compose a set of learning materials as open educational resources (OER) and online tournament for young people in the field of ecology, green living, combating climate change etc. by using ICTs methodologies, virtual and nonvirtual collaboration;

  •  To learn and exchange good practices in the field of caring for the environment, green lifestyles and green solutions, etc. during a study visit to Italy.

  • To test the EcoTournament and educational materials and to develop youngsters ICT competencies.

  • To introduce environment issues and awareness on climate change to use them in everyday life and take care of the environment in local areas;

  •  To share the experience of European youth mobility projects and innovative educational practices related to social inclusion with South Mediterranean organisations;

  • To create on young people’s sense of initiative and raise awareness about the positive contribution that they can make through actions in the field of environment;

  • To use online tools throughout the project period to share results, offer online training and develop the partners ICT competencies.

  • To share the experience of mobility of youth workers and explore possibilities for youth work Europe and South Mediterranean region;


To develop competences of youth workers and to help them to become more active, responsible, committed and open-minded in daily youth work;

  • To disseminate results of the project and to raise awareness on climate change and actions that can be done by citizens.

  • The above objectives respond to the needs/ challenges of the target groups and partner organisations, which are

  • to learn more about environmental protection, climate change and European and international documents in this field,

  • learning about ways to have a positive and negative impact on the environment, increasing green lifestyles

  • strengthening scientific, entrepreneurial, civic and digital competences to better serve the environment,

  • to make local communities aware of the need to save depleting natural resources and to protect the environment

  • to create a platform where young people and youth workers can improve their knowledge and skills, learn new tools for non-formal education,

  • to learn about other countries' actions and experiences in the field of environmental protection and eco-living.


List of Participating Organisations










Duration: 01-02-2022 – 31-01-2024

kick-off meeting
  • Number of participants: 12 coordinators.

  • Venue: FES, Morocco.

  • Date: 18 – 19 July 2022


This meeting was organized in Fez (Morocco) so as to debate and agree project management and implementation strategies, definition of technical online platform specifications and designing the EcoTournament by partners, participants’ selection procedures and criteria, research methodologies and protocols. All partners participated with 2 organization representatives.



Day 1:

- Opening of the meeting

- Presentation of each partner organization

- Presentation of topic and aims of the project

- Summing up of the meeting and questions

- Closing the meeting


Day 2

- Opening of the meeting

- Presentation of project activities, dividing tasks

- Presentation of budget.

- Evaluation of the meeting (evaluation survey, short report form the meeting)

- Closing the meeting around

Methods: oral presentations, multimedia

presentations, discussions, evaluation survey.

Seminar and Study Visit: ‘EcoTournament - Planet depends on us’
  • Number of participants: 17 youth representing the partner organizations.

  • Venue: Mezzano, Italy.

  • Date: 11-18  November 2022


The Erasmus+ project ‘EcoTournament - Planet depends on us’ is a seminar and study Visit for youth workers and people interested in the topic of environment and climate change.


Activities will be based on non-formal education, so interaction, workshops and dynamic tasks.

The first 3 days will be devoted to study visits in Veneto region and the rest for seminar.


During the 3-day seminar part, participants will share their experiences in the field of the environment and the fight against climate change and will start working on eco and didactic materials. Later, they will continue their work after returning to their countries. They will work together in online meetings, exchange materials and also on carrying out independent tasks related to the development of the deliverables.


In the evenings intercultural nights will take place, with typical food, music and traditions, so be ready to present your country in the best way!

Work Package2 : Research and production
  • Number of participants: all partner organizations.

  • Venue: all countries .

  • Date: janery 2023


The EcoTournament will be a tool designed specifically for the project that will allow competitions between groups of participants on which group is the most eco friendly Participating groups will be able to create their own account on the platform and take part in several months of competition Within the framework of the designed EcoTournament we foresee various tasks for the participants knowledge and skills tests on the developed didactic materials, undertaking local actions and initiatives, competitions in water and energy saving, manual tasks and designing models and plans, etc The competition and teaching materials will be divided into 3 main sections Water, Land and Air within these sections there will be competition between the participants and at the same time their efforts to reduce their impact on environmental pollution On the platform the points will be counted and which group will get more points will win the whole competition.


Examples of activities that will be included in EcoTournament broken down by section


1 .Water

-water pollution task whoever collects more rubbish from the beach or from around another body of water

- water saving which group uses the least water on a daily basis


2. Land

- forest/park pollution which group will collect more trash from a given area,

- recycling task

- prepare an interesting presentation on renewable energy sources used in their region, explaining others

how it works,

- tasks related to the idea of less waste or zero waste


3 . Air

- transport and air pollution which group most often uses ecological means of local transport such as cycling, walking, etc which group emitted the least pollution this way,

- which group used the least amount of everyday items that harm the atmosphere (e g spray cleaners)