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A part of our success depends on the people that believe in our mission and activities and support what we are doing through volunteering and private donations. Here you have the details needed for your personal contribution just one click away.

Transfer details

Donations by debit/credit card or Paypal

Holder                                 Association EuromedEVE (

Donations by bank transfer

Holder                                Association EuromedEVE

BankING                            UIB ( Union Internationale de Banques )


SWIFT/BIC                        UIBKTNTT


Bank accounts                   RIB 12 025 00000 93004670 29

                                          IBAN : TN59 12 025 00000 93004670 29


If you require a sponsorship contract or receipt please contact us. All our sponsorship incomes are legally registered and it is our pleasure to provide such a document as soon as you need it. According to Tunisian regulations, on profit companies can deduct sponsorship expenditures up to 20% of profit tax, but no more than 0,3% of the income. In other countries, similar facilities might be available, please consult your company accountant and/or legal consultant.


All your contributions are highly appreciated by our team and your efforts are reflected in our work. If EuromedEVE is growing and our activities impact a larger audience of young people, you can clearly see that your investment is worth it.
Moreover, contributors with over 500 EUR/year (or equivalent in other currencies) are publicly acknowledged in our website and in our yearly report of activities upon request. Major donors are also invited to join our activities while those with major contributions (over 20% of our yearly budget) could be considered to join our Board of Directors.

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