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Ref: 602623-EPP-1-2018-1-TN-EPPKA2-CBY-SMED


Media and Critical Thinking Against Radicalization” (MCTAR) is a youth project coordinated by Euro- Med Eve (Tunisia) in partnership with EN.O Greece, youths support leader (Jordan) and Freeminds in Action (Italy). It aims to develop tools and resources to prevent radicalization and fight hate speech in media.

MCTAR is thought to be a project to develop further different methodologies and approaches in youth work as a way to prevent and identify radicalization processes amongst youngsters. On the other hand, we aim to foster youth understanding on current topics and foster their critical thinking as a way to become mindful citizens who are able to discern hate speech in and negative messages in media and online.

The project is divided in two main phases. The first one is devoted to provide youth workers with tools and resources in order to identify risk behaviors and patterns in youngsters that could lead to radicalization.

The second phase objective is to engage youth into critical thinking and debate over different topics spinning around the concept of intercultural dialogue and tolerance. On the other hand, youth will get the opportunity to get an insight into creative processes such as photography and videos making as an alternative way to express themselves and oppose to hate speech messages. By sharing these experiences with youth from different countries and cultural background, youngsters will get the chance to share diverse perspectives and learn from each other. In addition, they will engage into the production of several short films that will be presented at a local festival in Nabeul.

Throughout the project several intellectual outputs are to be produced, highlighting, an anti radicalization toolkit, a field research report on the four communities , OER’s related to the project content and training sessions, photography and videos made during the youth exchanges and several short films co-produced by the youngsters. All the learning outcomes will be available through our website under creative commons license for free use.

List of participating organisations

1.  Euro- Med Eve (Tunisia

2.  EN.O Greece,

3. youths support leader (Jordan)

4. Freeminds in Action (Italy)

ACTIVITY 1. Coordination Meeting (Capacity Building Activity)
  • Number of participants: 10 – youth workers, trainers and organizers.

  • Venue: Agregento - Italy.

  • Date: 05 -11 MARCH 2019

This first activity consisted in a coordination meeting between the Consortium members in order to assess the initial plan and agree on practical matters related to the project (logistics, financial management, change of dates, risks and mitigation measures…) as well as to review the quality plan and the activities to be implemented and its dissemination. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to visit the region and discover it.

Day 1: Presentation. Initial and diagnostic evaluation

Day 2: Field visit. Identifying weaknesses and strengths. Risk assessment

Day 3: Communication and dissemination plan. Review of stakeholders list and exploitation strategy.

Day 4: Action Plan. Revision of the arrangements and activities proposed and its feasibility according to current period.

Day 5:Visit in Agrigento and meeting with local authorities

This activity has gathered 2 participants from each organisation, and 04 from italian organisation, having 10 participants in total.