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L'Association Euro-Méditerranéenne des Echanges, Volontariats, Evénements (EURO-MED EVE) is a cultural non-governmental organization aims to increase knowledge of youth and children and better develop their cultural level so that they get involved in the rebuilding of the country, To highlight the notions of open-mindedness, tolerance, and the acceptance of others in different social strata. To contribute to the building of a cultural bridge between Tunisian youth and Euro-Mediterranean youth for exchange of knowledge, experiences and access to other cultures. As well as contribute to the integration of Tunisian culture in the Euro-Mediterranean space, and the expanding of principles and values of democracy.

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To achieve the organization aims, the association EURO-MED EVE TUNISIA works to strengthen the relationships between Tunisian and Euro-Mediterranean youth through, the establishment of youth’s exchanges, trainings seminars, and study visit, as well as European Solidarity Corps in sending and hosting volunteers, and the planning and organization of cultural youth events on the national and international level.


The Tunisian organization designs international learning experiences focused on personal growth, essential skills development and we facilitate creative processes where young people and youth workers can organically grow. We guide and qualify youth workers, young people, and young entrepreneurs, both independently and in cooperation with other experts and mentors, by developing their know-how and methodology on 4 main areas: positive intelligence, talent management, creativity, and entrepreneurship education.

During the learning process, our beneficiaries discover that there is more than one path, that with customized training they can gain strength to embrace changes and appreciate small things that make them happy. Ultimately, they become conscious, determined, and positive about their journey, to make a positive impact in their community.

The NGO base work on 4 principles

1. Lifelong learning: continuous learning and development of youth worker's own skills, knowledge and attitudes

2. Reliability: the foundation of our work is evidence-based tools and practices, as well as empirical and experience-based practices

3. An active approach to learning: making learning experiential, flexible, adaptable and learner-centered

4. Engagement: making learning experiences engaging, fun, inspiring, and motivating, raising curiosity, creativity, and love for Learning.

Target groups

18-30 years young people (according to ERASMUS+ guide).

18 + years youth workers (no limit age).

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