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  • Day 1&2 of the project LIFE was truly inspiring, filled with insightful discussions and valuable learning experiences. Throughout the day, we delved into important topics, starting with a morning workshop where we explored different types of cybercrimes, such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, outing, and slut-shaming. We not only identified these issues but also discussed practical ways to react to them in real-life situations. In the afternoon, our focus shifted to examining various forms of discrimination, including those based on age, color, sexual orientation, and gender. We concluded the day with a deep reflection on these areas of discrimination, emphasizing the importance of fostering inclusivity and equality in all aspects of life.

  • 3rd day of the workshop commenced with an exploration of tangible instances of discrimination across various domains including the labor market, healthcare system, media, and societal interactions. Participants were organized into groups, each tasked with examining a specific area of discrimination from dual perspectives: that of the victim and the discriminator. Collaboratively, these groups generated insights and proposed solutions for the identified cases. Subsequently, an interactive quiz on media dynamics, encompassing themes of manipulation and censorship, engaged the participants. Later sessions involved crafting narratives to elucidate nuanced concepts such as propaganda, spin, and hidden advertising. Concluding the day, attention was turned to techniques for discerning authenticity in visual media, underscoring the importance of source verification. The day's comprehensive exploration underscored the critical importance of understanding and addressing discrimination across multiple spheres while honing essential skills for media literacy and source authentication in today's information landscape.

  • Final Day of impactful learning and creativity at our training session in Tirana!

    In the morning, we tackled real cases of digital issues from our diverse countries, selecting a project with a positive impact. Then, the afternoon was all about creativity as we crafted videos, photos, and visuals to spotlight various digital challenges.

    Together, we're making a difference in the digital world!

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