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Deadline 14/02 - 2023



Call For Participants(GreenUp Project)

Therefore, the project “Green up!” aims to spread sustainability practices among youth in order to learn how to reconnect with nature and limit water waste.

Call For Participants(GreenUp Project)
Call For Participants(GreenUp Project)

Heure et lieu

Deadline 14/02 - 2023

Marrakesh, Rue Loubnane, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco


À propos de l'événement



Name of the project:

nature: youth exchange

Date: 04th – 12 MAY 2023


Number of place: 04 PARTICIPANTS

Age: 18- 30

"Deadline OF application: 14 /02/ 2023


The project summary


The state of water resources worldwide has significantly declined in recent decades due to factors such as climate change, population growth,  increased consumption for agricultural and industrial purposes, and pollution. If we do not take action soon, many regions of the world, including the nation where the youth exchange will take place, will soon turn into deserts. A reality that is still foreign to Europe, but does not relieve it f rom having to take action to stem this prospect, will become much more apparent if we look beyond the boundaries of Europe, perhaps in the African continent. Here, drought meets  extreme poverty or sometimes even generates it, leading to far more catastrophic situations. The phenomenon of climatic migrations is exacerbated by cases of water grabbing, in which powerful individuals seize control of — or divert to their own advantage — water resources, taking them away from local communities and/or entire nations, whose livelihoods depend precisely on those priceless resources. This is how a public good, like water, becomes a private good or is managed by those in positions of power. In such a situation, it becomes crucial for European citizens and the citizens of the neighbouring countries—especially the younger ones, who are typically more sensitive to environmental issues—to promote sustainable practices and raise public aware-ness of the negative effects of unrestricted resource use.Therefore, the project “Green up!” aims to spread sustainability practices among youth in order to learn how to reconnect with nature and limit water waste.

In order to achieve this aim, we will address the following specif ic objectives:

◊O1. Involve and empower young people to take part in resolving regional and international environmental issues;

◊O2. Evaluate the realities of resource deployment in the Euro-Mediterranean region, identifying causes and global effects;

◊O3. Recognize the effects of indiscriminate resource consumption on climate change and our environment and raise awareness, encouraging group reflection on the ecological issue on a Euro-Mediterranean scale;

◊O4. Provide a space for the development and exchange of concepts and methods for environmental activism and help participants’ communities become more resilient.

◊O5. Inspire young people to create and spread sustainable practices among their peers and communities.


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Eligibility for participation:


Participants must be:

18-30 Years



* 400 dt fees for the NGO (Euromedeve).

* 50 EURO fees in morocco. 

 * travel cost ( Reimbursed up to 275 Euro for each participant).  

 * Accommodation 100% covered 


reimbursed *: for the travel, the participant has to book his own ticket and get reimbursed after the end of the project

For more info do not hesitate to contact us.

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