Yaar project ( Young Artist Against Radicalization )

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Young Artist Against Radicalization (YAAR) - Youth Exchange 21-29 July 2021 Hammamet, Tunisia

This youth exchange is designed and dedicated to young people interested in preventing radicalization, in an artistic approach, by offering them the opportunity to exchange ideas and points of view, to work together and to express themselves through non-formal education and art.


- Raising awareness about radicalization and creating a learning space through non-formal education, an open sharing space, mixed cultures and different environments for young people through innovative and creative tools.- The use of arts education, and non-formal education and sharing of good practices as a prevention tool and fight against radicalization.

- Create an international platform for organizations to share their experiences and the use of art as a tool for fighting and preventing radicalization.

- Better understand the opportunities of the Erasmus + program and non-formal education to promote European values of tolerance, understanding and respect for human rights.

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Ahd smaii testimony about #Yaar project


It is my pleasure, and an honour, to announce that I participated in the YAAR project.

Let me begin by commending the decade of work, undertaken by Euro-Med EVE Tunisia which guides the objectives of our workshops and overall our Project, in addition to giving us the opportunity of Meeting people from different countries, ethnicities , backgrounds which was in itself an enriching experience to all of the participants.

I want not only to appraise our successes in meeting the organization’s goals , but also to highlight the fact that exploring the complex causes that are impeding full access to universal human rights and freedoms will be a stepping stone in our further development as individuals.

It is also an opportunity to reaffirm our steady commitment to work together, not only within our nations but also across our borders, so- as to consider innovative strategies for the future.

Universal human rights must be at the centre of all our efforts to improve the lives of our citizens.

I believe that the most powerful change happens from the community itself not only the governments .

We also discussed that Education has a crucial part to play in raising awareness against radicalization , and we must ensure that our education strategies are person-centred and truly inclusive to each country , in addition to the showing the importance of NGO in such a matter.

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