Euromedevetunisia also works to strengthen the relationships between Tunisian and Euro-Mediterranean youth through:

• The establishment of youth exchange programmes and travels.

• The enhancing of Voluntarism.

• The planning and organization of cultural youth events on the national and international level.




The Erasmus+ Euromed EveTunsia  experience :
I can describe the Erasmus+ exchange experience as an explosion of joy and fulfilment.
For me, each cultural exchange I have been part of made me realise and advance as a person and psychologically.
It is an amazing cultural shock where different spirits and great minds gather and make the best of it.
For my side and each time, I get to learn more about different cultures and in many different ways.
The diversity that reigns makes of every exchange an open book to learn of it the best of the beauty of our differences, as in our differences we find similarities.

With all my love and care.




I am writing to express my graditude to everyone in the exchange program who helped make my experience so great and memorable. I have learned a lot from everyone. To go to another country and to live with poeple from different backgrounds was a big jump for me, but I am really glad that i did it. It has meant a lot to me, and i have changed a lot. During the exchange I became more independent and mature. I will always be grateful to the people that I met there for making my experience an amazing and unforegettable one




"It was an unforgettable experience, where each ordinary day becomes extraordinary. It was an opportunity to grow as a person. I learned many things about my colleagues, who were from different backgrounds, and helped me developed many skills. It was a very fruitful and an incredible experience that helped every single one of us take something different from it. I personally can say that i made the most of out of it. I am endlessly grateful for getting the opportunity to be a part of that beautiful journey."

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