Who we are ? 

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Who we are?

governmental organization founded in Belgium, working mainly with young people, youth workers, trainers and volunteers one of our big network

( euromedeve, euromedevetunisia, euromedmorroco, euromedfrance , euromeditaly etc ... ) . We promote youth exchanges, mobility and intercultural learning at 

European and international levels. 


The organization has the following objectives: 

- Support and create a platform for civil society

- Encourage young people to become involved in active social life

- Make volunteering and healthy living more popular among the younger generation

- Provide young people with skills such as: initiative, involvement and cooperation, 

respect for cultural differences, tolerance, democracy, equity, social dialog, etc.

- Promote the inclusion of marginalized groups in all social processes and activities

- Contribute to the construction of a cultural bridge between Belgian youth and Euro-Mediterranean youth for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and access to other cultures.

What do we offer?

The Belgian partner organization Euro-Med EVE Belgium is an organization that creates opportunities for young people who want to be active, trying to learn something new and acquire new experiences and knowledge for their personal and professional development.


The most important thing for young people is to have as much experience as possible. By

Therefore, we organize activities where young people can be involved, participate and develop as leaders and good citizens.

Our areas of work are vast, because we have many members and different and interesting partners.

We're working on very current projects, like refugee projects, social activism, entrepreneurship, the labor market, minorities and social inclusion.

Our goal is to find reciprocity between these areas and to provide our members the necessary skills to participate.

Why would you choose us ?

Our team is made up of diverse but equally talented people. They have extensive experience in non-formal education and participated and organized workshops, trainings and other local events.

 The responsibilities of ourstaff are planning, selection of participants, implementation of project activities such as preparatory activities and follow-up activities and evaluation, etc.

Our skills are highlighted by our experience as an organization partner and  more specifically our activities:
・ Participate in the design, compilation, transmission and maintenance of
any support related to the project
・ Select our participants based on project requirements, objectives and
its priorities
・ Provide participants with pre-project team building activities and a
post-project evaluation meeting
・ Ensure that all administrative issues related to the project are addressed
promptly and appropriately
・ Provide assistance to participants in any other preparation
necessary or useful for travel and project
・ Organize a follow-up activity in the local community with participants
・ Disseminate results on media relevant to the project.